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Drama of Trees

House and landscape lit by low voltage LED Lighting [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] I love the way trees can take on so many dynamics depending on how you light them with low voltage LED lighting. You can create [...]

2017-10-01T14:10:59-04:00By |Gallery, Recent Work|

Great Place To Relax

A recent accent outdoor lighting job [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] A deck is a great place to relax. The trick to lighting a deck is to get it functional and keep the dynamic relaxed. Very few people want [...]

2017-10-01T14:08:15-04:00By |Gallery, Recent Work|

The Ultimate Florida look

The Ultimate Florida Look, Tropical, Beautiful, Tranquil [sgmb id="1" customimageurl="" ] Some jobs just leave you amazed at the results. This picture seems to capture every aspect of the Florida dream. . .Tropical, dynamic and yet tranquil, beautiful. The [...]

2017-10-01T14:01:19-04:00By |Gallery, Recent Work|
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