This letter is for recognition and recommendation of Justin Vander Veen. I am a local Central Florida banker who has lived in my home on Park Ave. in Winter Park for 19 plus years. Justin has continuously created and installed outdoor lighting for my residence over the past years. First it was the entire front lawn and house he lit up with lighting on automatic timers. Then I added some large palm trees which he lit up magnificently.
Don G.
After extensive reviews of various Web sites and countless discussions with neighbors, friends and co-workers, I hired the company to install landscape lighting in my front yard. Polite, professional, punctual and upon job completion, simply magnificent! About a year later, I again hired them to install lighting on my side and back yards....stunningly beautiful.
David P.
I have known Mr. Vander Veen since he installed our landscape lighting for my home back in 2006. His work has enhanced not only the evening appearance of our home, but also the security of having a well lit home to deter crime. He has always been supportive with maintaining our lights during the past several years whenever problems occurred.
Brian W.


Do LED Bulbs Make Cents?

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There is the perception that LED bulbs are much more ex-pensive than halogen bulbs and this is a worry to some home owners thinking of upgrading their landscape lighting system to low voltage LED lights. There is also a worry that LED lights produce an inferior quality of light. The Cost LED bulbs are not more expensive than halogen bulbs of the same type. Their initial price has come down dramatically over the past few years [...]

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FAQ Electric Bills

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People ask me all the time if a new low voltage LED system will make their electric bill go sky high or if adding onto their current LED system will jack their bill up a lot. Those are really two very separate issues. A new low voltage LED system uses very little electricity compared to what lighting systems used to use. When the industry moved from incandescent bulbs to LED they cut the power usage to [...]

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