florida landscaping

You can buy plants that are native to almost anywhere these days but are they a good idea for your yard? While the plant may grow here in Florida, is it right for your Florida home? Some plants can grow out of control without their natural environment. Sometimes there is an insect that eats just their leaves and that keeps them in check like Kudzu, a hedge vine that was brought over from Japan and is now going out of control in many parts of the south. Sometimes the heavy rainfall of our summers causes them to go wild such as the Melaleuca in the Everglades. Just because a plant will grow here doesn’t mean you always want it to grow here.

A really good source for information on this is Florida Friendly Landscaping at http://floridayards.org/. They have a lot of good information on plants that grow well and are friendly to Florida. Their tips can help you choose the right plants so that your landscaping will look great now and years down the road. Best of all, they will help you avoid choosing plants that will go out of control and be a problem in the future.

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