Curb Appeal

The dollars and cents sale value of a house is only one factor in looking at its total value. Another factor that is of equal importance is salability. If you have a house that you have done millions of dollars [...]

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FAQ – Time Out

Do timers still have to be reset every time the power goes out? We get asked a lot about timers. It used to be a big hassle for people to have to reset the timer for the outside lights every [...]

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First View

Lighting of a neighborhood entrance There is a 60% chance that potential home buyers will see your neighborhood for the first time at night. A custom landscape lighting design can create the perfect feel for your development. The [...]

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The Light and the Dark

When planning a lighting design, safety is always a primary consideration. This consideration has to take into account the issues lighting can create not just the ones it can solve. Because of the way the human eye works, the design [...]

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