Accent Outdoor Lighting offers a variety of services to suit your landscape and architectural lighting needs. We offer new lighting system installations, existing system upgrades, expansions, retrofitting, and repair services for all your lighting needs.

All of our services come with a 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction and installations offer a transferable Guarantee, adding to the value of the outdoor lighting system to property owners.

New Accent Outdoor Lighting Installations

One of the most important people in our design team for your new outdoor lighting system is you. It’s your property and you know how you want it to look when we are finished. You know how much vibrant drama you want to the lighting or how soothing and relaxing you want it to be. It’s your property and you know the unique look you want.

Accent Outdoor Lighting combines that feedback from you with our experience and together we will design a distinctive, custom outdoor lighting solution that will satisfy your needs and fulfill your aesthetic desires. From functional to dramatic and dynamic, it is your property and together we will design the perfect lighting solution. From expansive estates to smaller homes, every property can benefit from the added value and safety of professionally installed landscape lighting.

The first step is for us to do a free, no obligation custom landscape lighting design. Let us show you what we can do together.

Upgrading and Optimizing Your Outdoor Lighting

Already have a landscape lighting system but need some help optimizing it? Accent Outdoor Lighting can help. We hear from a lot of property owners each year that have existing lighting in place but need some help to optimize the bulb life and effect. The higher quality LED bulbs we use (variety of beam spreads and color temperatures) will provide many years of use (rated for 10+ years/50,000 hours) and help battle the struggle with dimmer bulbs or premature burning out (changing bulbs every few months). The lower wattage bulbs we use (usually 3 watt – 7 watt range) reduce the heat to ensure a much longer life.

If you have new features such as a new deck or landscaping, we can help integrating new lights into an older system to give you the look you want. We’d be happy to come out and assess the landscape lighting system you have to see if leveraging what you have (versus installing everything new) is still a viable option, especially to fit into a more conservative budget while still accomplishing the desired end result. Many times an LED conversion combined with slight repositioning of fixtures is all you will need. If you need more, we can figure out the most cost effective way to encompass new property features or needs for you.

Outdoor Lighting Repair Services

Got a problem with your existing lighting system? Accent Outdoor Lighting is here for all your needs. From simple wire repairs to replacement of fixtures and transformers to helping you optimize the landscape lighting system you have, Accent Outdoor Lighting can help.

Wire Repair

Finding a wire problem can be frustrating. Accent Outdoor Lighting’s technicians can usually find the problem within an hour using our diagnostic tools. If it will take longer than that, we will be able to let you know that as well. Since we have 14 years’ experience installing and repairing systems, we can usually spot the issue quickly and get it resolved.

Transformer Power Management

Knowing the differences of the types of transformers used and the effectiveness of each make and model, we can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your existing unit or recommend a replacement that will suit your needs accordingly. In many cases the transformers are working fine and it is a fixture or wire problem. In those cases we can provide you with alternatives to resolve the issue.

Light Analysis and Conversion

Many existing systems still use halogen bulbs which can be converted to LED. Most customers either phase in the LED bulbs over time as needed for replacements or you can choose to convert all of the bulbs at once. The break-even point with energy savings is usually 2 years or less (depending on usage).