flat inset lighting

One lighting design I have always loved is to inset low voltage LED lighting directly into the driveway. Using flush mounted lighting fixtures it creates an ambient lighting and a very professional look. Since the lights are set flat with the driveway, you lose no space at all and can drive right over them. The wiring is set far enough down that edging the driveway poses no issues either when you mow your lawn. Best of all, it just looks amazingly cool.

During the holidays, one of my customers takes glass vases and fills them with green, red, and clear glass beads and then sets the vases on the driveway . . . instant Christmas lights. Because the light is being projected up into the beads from the bottom, they sparkle out the color of the bead as a light source giving them a sparkly holiday decoration that is beautiful, unique, and easy to do. Others have put colored acrylic lens over the lights giving a holiday feel to everything the lights fall on.

It is an unusual way to light the driveway. Because the lights are low voltage LED, they do not blind you when you drive in. They provide a soft glowing light rather than a harsh spotlight effect so they also help reduce the potential of any accidents. They are completely water tight so cleaning them is a breeze with a hose and a brush. These are one of my favorite kinds of lights. There is just no limit to the unique things you can do with them to make your property stand out.


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