outdoor living kitchen

 An outdoor kitchen is great in Florida. It is nice to cook outside when the weather is cooler. It’s even better when the weather is warmer and the inside kitchen doesn’t heat up the house. From grills to complete kitchen ranges, ovens, and sink systems, the outdoor kitchen is rapidly becoming an essential part of a Florida home.  An outdoor living space integrated with your landscape and LED lighting can be a beautiful, dynamic and multi-functional part of your home.

It all depends on what your space requirements are, your individual needs and your budget. An outdoor kitchen can be anything from a simple grilling set up to a fully functioning kitchen that includes all the whistles and bells. The designs are amazing, functional, and beautiful and have no limit to what you can do in your outdoor kitchen.

When you combine the outdoor kitchen with a spacious dining area, a fire pit, a pool and whatever else you want; you really have doubled your square footage of living space. The climate here allows for a wonderful mix of indoor and outdoor living. As far as the old tiki bar idea. . .how about a full sports bar with a flat screen TV poolside? A cool cabana by the hot tub? The possibilities are nearly endless and are limited only by your personal vision. The increasing popularity of outdoor living spaces is rapidly making it an essential part of any home to be sold. People want that Florida dream and they want to see that additional living space.

Using LED lighting you can create a tranquil backdrop of landscaping to frame it all so that your outdoor living space is your personal, unique tropical get-a-way. When you put warm lighting for the living areas to create an inviting feel, safety lighting for the kitchen and pathway areas to prevent accidents, and tranquil soothing LED lighting for the landscaping around it all to snug it all together you have paradise; your own personal slice of heaven. That is something that helps a home sell.

Market trends show that people are looking not only at the square footage inside the house; they are also looking for how outside the house is being used as well. People want the most for their money.  As HGTV has stated many times in a number of shows, a well-planned outdoor living area is key to selling a home for top dollar. It is that something extra that can put your home in a class all of its own in a development of similar floor plans. It can be the uniqueness people want that makes your house special and stand out.

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