The endless varieties of flowers can make it hard to choose what you’ll plant in your landscaping. There are so many varieties and colors of plants making a final choice can be hard. Here are a few that you might want to consider. They grow well in central Florida and they are very pollinator friendly (meaning bees, butterflies and hummingbirds love them). They not only provide beautiful flowers but they attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds as well as a variety of bees that will help your garden thrive and produce a higher yield of produce.

It should be noted though, make sure to find out if the supplier used any pollinator toxic pesticides. Growers are now required to disclose if Neonicotinoids were used (this type of pesticide is taken in through the roots and taints the pollen of the flower).You’ll want to avoid that as the flowers blooming on a plant treated with those types of pesticides can kill off pollinators, especially bees and some native butterflies.

There are many more varieties and if you really want a lot of butterflies you should consider also placing some succulents (the plants the butterflies lay their eggs on) at the edges of your yard. Be wary though, some of the vines can grow really fast over the summer so you want to make sure to not set yourself up to return to a jungle in the fall.

Some pollinator favorites for central Florida:


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