Deck with relaxing LED lighting

A recent accent outdoor lighting job

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A deck is a great place to relax. The trick to lighting a deck is to get it functional and keep the dynamic relaxed. Very few people want to sip coffee on a deck that is lit with glaring flood lights or so dark that they can’t see their cup in front of them. The directional low voltage lights give a nice ambient lighting that leaves the deck well lit and yet the mood relaxed and soothing.

I’ve seen people light their decks with tiki torches, Christmas lights, even paper lanterns but those things lack two things that our lighting has. One, they are never quite reliable enough or powerful enough to get the job done right. Secondly, none of those things add value to the house. Low voltage LED lighting adds to the value of the deck because it makes the deck safer and more enjoyable to use.  Who doesn’t want a nice, relaxing place to sip their coffee and unwind from the day?