brass patina

When people plant a flower garden they will often take a lot of time choosing just the right colors and combinations to make it perfect. But if you put pvc or aluminum lighting fixtures into that same garden, all that selection of perfect colors is going to be for naught in a few short years. Florida is amazingly harsh on lighting fixtures and inferior materials will age badly and eventually start to fall apart. The extreme heat and sunlight will stress metals and plastics, slowly breaking down their integrity until they begin to crumble. This can be ugly but, more importantly, dangerous. Inferior materials can expose electrical devices if you are not there to notice a break. That can be dangerous.

This is why we use brass and copper fixtures. The above picture is brass with an aged patina. As brass ages it actually looks better and better, getting an antique look to it that will make your garden look better and better. You can always polish it up if you want, but most people enjoy the natural finish the brass fixtures will develop. Every yard will actually create a unique patina; the combination of light levels, the surrounding plants and soil ph levels will all change just how the brass ages so it will be uniquely yours. When you are planning the perfect flower garden, make sure to also get the perfect lighting fixture installed as well.


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