light spectrum led lighting

When creating a lighting system it is important to understand the types of light and the emotional and visual effects they have on people. Light is divided into a spectrum of color groups ranging from warmer red, orange and yellow lights to cooler blue hues. How these different shades will interact is the art of creating a truly awesome lighting system for your property.

Playing the Blues

At the upper end of the light spectrum are the bluish tones. These lights will wash away the color of the plants much like natural moonlight does. Everything will take on a bluish tint to it. Why is this good? This shade duplicates natural moonlight and makes the area feel very calm, soothing, and tranquil. Areas lit by this type of lighting will have a very natural, serene feeling to them like a tropical paradise.

Getting Warmer

The yellowish and reddish hues create a warm and inviting space. Using these lights creates a more vibrant and lively area that is inviting and is perfect for outdoor living areas such as pools, hot tubs, decks where you will be entertaining, BBQs and outdoor kitchens. If you think of art you have seen with the color streaming from a house’s windows at night, it is this area of hues that gives the house a warm and comforting feeling like you want to go in and be comfy.

Starkly Lit

The mid-range lighting will create a stark lighting, having a whitish hue to it. While this may seem harsh and uninviting it is perfect for security, pathway lighting, and safety lighting. Unlike the ambient effects of the other hue ranges this range is best for areas where you want safety and security to be the primary concern. This lighting does the best job of illuminating things such as steps, pathways, and areas where there could possibly be slip and falls.

Mixing and Matching

The best lighting systems combine the best effects of each hue in different areas of your yard to give you the desired result. Lighting outdoor living areas with the warmer hues will create an inviting and comfortable space that just begs to be lived in. Surrounding that with the cooler blues in the background landscaping creates a soothing feeling so that you have a defined living area surrounded by a tranquil setting that relaxes. Areas such as steps and high traffic paths get the white lights so that safety and security are addressed adequately. The end result is a perfect yard that is warm and inviting to outdoor living and set in a tranquil paradise of your very own all the while making sure that everyone is safe and problematic areas are well lit.

The combination that is perfect for you is up to what you want from your yard. Your property will have a different balance than any other to make it perfect for you. How you want to use your yard will dictate what is best for your yard. That is why we always come out and take a walk around with you and get to know what you want to be able to do and what your desires are for your property. It is only with this feedback and understanding of your hopes that we can design a perfect LED lighting solution that meets all of your needs, creating the perfect nighttime oasis for you and your loved ones to enjoy together.

Give us a call and let’s create a perfect system together.

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