map of landscaping fixtures

One thing we run into after a storm such as Matthew or Irma (or any sufficiently damaging high wind) is redoing lighting wiring. Sometimes trees are gone and fixtures are changed. Sometimes you have done several incarnations of your yard with different lighting, electrical, and irrigation needs. This can create a maze of unused wires and water piping that spider webs under the surface of your landscaping that can be problematic to navigate.

A simple solution is a map. Think of it like a treasure map to your yard. Print out a good scale layout of your yard and then have any workers laying anything buried underground tell you where everything is. You don’t need to be exact in the drawing of it but a general idea of the area, direction, and types of things helps when you do face a situation of having to redo parts of it. There are times when something used to be in place that caused the wiring to be run differently than it would be now and it is good to know that going in rather than having to find it along the way.

Making a simple map that you then put in a water protective sleeve or laminate can make sure that future work not only goes as fast as possible but also that existing wiring can be used as much as possible. It makes sure that workers know where there are possible things they need to avoid when doing any new work which can, in the end, save you lots of money, time and aggravation.

As you begin to recover and clean up after the storm, make a little pirate’s map to stash away and keep track of all the hidden treasures in your landscaping . . . Eye patch and parrot are optional.


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