two cents on led landscape lighting

There is the perception that LED bulbs are much more ex-pensive than halogen bulbs and this is a worry to some home owners thinking of upgrading their landscape lighting system to low voltage LED lights. There is also a worry that LED lights produce an inferior quality of light.

The Cost

LED bulbs are not more expensive than halogen bulbs of the same type. Their initial price has come down dramatically over the past few years so they are competitively priced with halogen counter parts. More than that though, the reduction in energy usage drops that price down further over the long run. The fact that they outlast halogens by years reduces this price even further. LED bulbs are actually, when long term cost is considered, cheaper in the long run than halogen and with far less worry and hassle.

The Light

LED lights used to provide an inferior light in that it was harsher than the softer illumination of halogen light bulbs. This is no longer the case and LED lights are now made in a variety of lighting options with softer, purer white light than the yellowish light given by halogens.

LED bulbs make sense. Like all technology, the cost drops over time and the LED bulbs are better than ever. The long term energy savings and hassle free nature of the LED landscape lighting systems makes them a far better buy than ever before.

That’s our two cents worth.

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