neighborhood entrance outdoor lighting

Lighting of a neighborhood entrance

There is a 60% chance that potential home buyers will see your neighborhood for the first time at night. A custom landscape lighting design can create the perfect feel for your development. The curb appeal of the entrance to your neighborhood will be the initial impression that these people have of the houses inside and a well-lit and aesthetically pleasing entrance can ensure the proper perception of what your development has to offer. Although a recent study has shown no direct correlation between a well-lit entrance and lower crime statistics, that same study showed that 80% of the people surveyed believed that a well-lit entrance would be a safer neighborhood. They had a much more positive view of those neighborhoods that offered an even, beautiful lighting system.

The fact that there is no actuarial proof that increased lighting at the neighborhood entrance decreases the crime risk doesn’t really matter. People’s perceptions of the neighborhood are dictated by their initial impressions of that neighborhood 70% of the time. In other words, once they have an opinion they are likely to keep that same opinion even if the facts state otherwise.

At a speed of 35-45 miles per hour, the entrance to a neighborhood will be seen for an average of 15-25 seconds by cars passing by on the road. What impression will your neighborhood leave with them in that time? Will your development be beautiful, well-lit, and memorable? Will it look safe and inviting like a place people want to aspire to live? Or will it blend into the landscape and be missed?

We can help you make your entry look aesthetically pleasing, safer, and inviting. We can help show people just how beautiful your development is. Contact us for a free design consultation and together we can make your neighborhood entrance everything it should be.

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