cleaning LED Landscape lighting

With Florida’s hard water sometimes your sprinkler system can build up a film on your LED lights. This is a combination of hard water residue and oxidation on the lens which can dim the lighting effects with a foggy like film. This isn’t a sign the light needs to be replaced and is remarkably easy to fix yourself.

Using a piece of extremely fine steel wool (#0000) you simply rub in a circular motion gently on the lens until the film is broken up and removed. Using a very soft, clean piece of cloth (You can use a lens wipe if you’d like but you don’t need to) you simply wipe away and dust left behind taking care to get any left at the edges. Presto! Your lens is clean.

If, after doing this, the lens is still foggy, you may need to remove the lens and clean the inside too. Oxidation can build up inside even a water tight light. The process is exactly the same as you do for the outside. Then replace the light and it should be perfect once again.

It is a good idea to clean the lighting at the end of your winter stay if you are seasonal and then again when you return in the fall. That way the buildup does not become problematic to clean easily. Doing this a couple of times a year can keep your lighting looking brand new in brightness as the fixtures take on a beautiful aged patina and age to fit in to the landscaping perfectly.

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