Florida Summer Storm

Do timers still have to be reset every time the power goes out?

We get asked a lot about timers. It used to be a big hassle for people to have to reset the timer for the outside lights every time the power went out. In Florida, with the stormy summers we get, the power tends to go out a lot during those summer months. Even if the power flickered and just for a few seconds the electricity was off that used to cause people to have to reset their timers day after day after day. One thing about Florida in the summer time, there will be a lot of storms. You can count on that.

There are a lot of options for timers now and those concerns are a thing of the past. Digital timers and battery back-ups come in so many varieties with so many options, it would nearly impossible to list them all. A new lighting design can be fit with any number of different timers to fit your needs and best of all, make sure that you don’t need to go reset the timer every day when the thunderstorms are rolling through. An older system can be retrofitted with a new timer as well, so if you have a system now that you have to keep resetting, we can put a new timer in for you and you can stop worrying about the storms messing up your lighting.

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