LED Landscape Lighting Systems

We’ve seen a lot of blogs listing the technical jargon about why lighting systems are wrong so we thought maybe we’d compile a more down to Earth list of ways to tell if your landscape lighting system is not right for you.

#1 Do your neighbors wear sunglasses at night?

There are several symptoms that fall into this category including neighbor’s having to wear sunglasses to sleep, planes accidentally mistaking your back yard for a landing strip, people stopping in the spotlight of your lighting system and breaking into Broadway show tunes, and related occurrences. If these things are happening, you might have too bright of lighting.

#2 Do your lights vanish if you don’t mow your yard every 24 hours?

Losing your lights into growth like this is a sign they are either not pointed correctly or are way, way too low.

#3 Has anyone ever asked you “What’s that light supposed to be pointed at?”?

If so you may have lights that once highlighted a feature, but that “feature” got moved, went away, or got blown over in a storm. First, check for the feature. If you can’t find it or figure out what it was, the lights probably need repositioning.

#4 Do you like your LED Landscape Lighting?

This is really the only one that matters. In the end, while #1 is important to your neighbors and aircraft, whether or not you are happy with your lighting is the only thing that matters in judging your system. It is your system and if it doesn’t make you happy then it is not right. Everyone wants something unique from their property. Some want tranquil ambient lighting while others want a vibrant outdoor living space. Some want gentle highlighting while others want a more dramatic feel. The truth is, those are all right.

In the end the only thing that matters is how happy you are with it. If you look out and think “I think I’d like it better if…” we can do that. You don’t have to completely redo your LED Landscape Lighting system, we can work with you to modify, redirect, and make it just what you want. So, while others are detailing technical specifics, we’d like to be a bit more pragmatic. We only have one question to ask to see if your LED Landscape Lighting System is right for you. . .

Are you happy with it?


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