landscape lighting

I had someone ask me about this and it made me stop and think. I had to go and check on the web for the answer because I had never had any complaints that it did from customers nor had I ever experienced it myself but I just wanted to make sure.

According to the Dark Skies Project, an organization that is focused on the effects of light pollution put out at night by artificial lighting, flood lights used to have this effect. Because the lights were so bright if you focused them on a tree then any birds nesting in that tree would wake and think it was daylight. This was especially bad during nesting season as the parents would fly off into the dark trying to find food for their chicks. That would put them not only at greater risk flying in the dark but also led to exhaustion because they never slept a full night.

Low voltage LED landscape lighting doesn’t do this for several reasons. The first is that we focus the beam width and angle to highlight the tree, not flood light the tree. To dynamically light a tree your light focus will be much different than just blasting the entire thing with a spotlight. Secondly, LED lighting in your landscaping is of a level to create a tranquil illumination; setting the lights to provide you with enough light to enhance the beauty but soft enough to give you a relaxing feel. This level of lighting does not interfere with the birds sleeping habits as it is dark enough, they know it is night.

It seems silly at first but when you think about it, it is an important thing. Your landscape lighting should enhance all aspects of your property and give a soothing feeling to your landscaping. Nature’s creatures in your yard are a good indicator of just how seamlessly that lighting works with your landscaping to create the most beautiful and natural setting to spend your nights.

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