two labs

I wrote post last week about dogs and light fixtures and . . . well . . . possible sources of water damage. That got me thinking about dogs and lighting systems. Being a dog lover myself, my two labs pictured above, I understand people’s concerns about having anything that a dog might just want to dig up and the potential threat to their beloved pets.

When I put a lighting system in at my house, these thoughts went through my mind too. Like most dog lovers I worry about things my dogs can get into in the yard and any risks to them. Our low voltage LED systems are safe, even from diggers. Some dogs just like to dig and putting wiring in the ground for them to dig into is a problem. We run all of our wiring through conduit in any vulnerable and exposed areas to keep it safe. That means it is also safe from potential digging expeditions as well. The conduit is tough stuff. Your dog would need to evolve, grab a hammer or saw, find the exact line of the wiring, and go to town purposefully trying to break the conduit to even get near the wiring inside. The same can be said for the fixtures. They are waterproof and sealed and would require a fair sized hammer to break into them so unless your dog is handy with a sledge, even the most avid diggers will be safe.

We also don’t leave huge patches of dirt when we are done. We replace the grass, re-spread the mulch or gravel and do our best to leave any trace of the installation removed. My dogs like to dig most when they see somewhere that someone else has been digging. I guess they just figure that there must be something worth digging for when they see someone else was doing it before them. When we are done, we strive to leave the scene seamless and returned to how it looked before we started – ready for you and your pets to safely enjoy.

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