home improvement design

When looking for a return on value, many home improvements can actually be problematic. Following the latest trends can put you in a place where you finish up the improvements only to find that the trend is over and people no longer want it. This is why a lot of real estate advice mentions going for more universal things that stay valuable in a property rather than going with a current fad.

Take, for instance, smart technology. Smart technology from a year ago compared to smart technology today is very different. Technology is moving so fast that unless you are looking at selling immediately, doing this kind of upgrade specifically for a return on investment in home value is not a good idea. What you put in today may not be valuable in 5 years when you go to sell your house so unless it is something you personally want while living there, you should hold off until closer to when you are going to sell.

Low voltage LED systems have a much more universal appeal than many other home improvements. Aesthetics in a design are a stable thing to predict because outdoor landscape and architectural lighting design focuses on the features of a property. The safety value of it is predictable because it is about a smooth, even lighting scheme to prevent accidents and to discourage intruders while still being ambient and soothing. These things do not change much.

If however, things did change, then the system can be adapted. That is one of the strengths of LED lighting as an investment. Lower energy cost fixtures, longer lasting bulbs, and other advancements can either be retrofitted into an existing system or added on as needed. So if you invest in a lighting design now, it can be kept cutting edge and still of value in a few years, when you choose to sell your house. Unlike other home improvements, it can be adapted to current trends and market desires so it will always stay viable and valuable.

Other features can benefit from this ease of adaption as well. The current trend of having outdoor living spaces is a good example. A deck can be refitted with more powerful lighting to change a lower light level, tranquil outdoor setting into a dynamic and more vibrant living space. A patio can be transformed into an outdoor kitchen without having to redo the lighting design, just the lighting strength.

Low voltage LED lighting systems are an adaptable investment that you can curtail to your needs or the current market trends. It is money well spent because you’ll get it back with value today and sustained value tomorrow when you want to sell your home.

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