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After a natural event like Hurricane Mathew there is a great deal of angst going around because the storm does damage to the yards people have put so much effort into. There is a feeling of ‘oh no, I have start all over again’ and it seems almost punitive in nature. It feels like something has maliciously wiped away your hard work and careful planning.

To help combat this feeling we’d suggest a simple thing. Don’t remake your yard. Don’t put in your mind that you want to make it back to exactly what it was because if you lost trees or fixtures to the storm, it will never be exactly the same. Each tree grows differently so even the same type of tree of the same age and size will be slightly different so it will never be ‘exactly’ how it was.

Instead make it new. Even if you want the same types of tress in the same location and the same fixtures, look at it as a new yard. Create it new to be just what you wanted. You’ve most likely learned from creating your yard the first time what landscaping you like and what lighting works for you. Use that to make a new yard that is even better than the last incarnation of it.

It sounds like semantics and in some way it is but, thing is, when you chase trying to remake something you will almost certainly be disappointed because you’ll never get it exactly as it was. Instead create something new. It can be very similar or wildly different but make it new. Make it your landscaping, your new yard. However similar or different the design, create something you want rather than trying to recreate what you had. Make tweaks, little or huge, to the original design that make it perfect for you now.

A hurricane, like a forest fire, is a disaster and very traumatic to go through but it also a natural form of renewal. It is nature renewing itself for new growth. So let it be a chance to start fresh for you as well. We’ve come through the worst of it, now we can build something new. We can create something better for ourselves.

If you’ve suffered damage to your landscaping and lighting, give us a call. Let’s create something amazing in your yard. We’d be happy to come out and help you plan the next perfect yard for your property from lighting and landscaping to outdoor living spaces. It’s not an ending; it’s a new chance to make it perfect.

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