low voltage LED fixtures

Need to redo your lighting system? No problem.

People tend to think they are stuck with whatever lighting system they have and by default, whatever garden, tree, or feature that lighting system is currently focused on. It can leave you feeling somewhat trapped by your landscaping.

LED systems can be repositioned, added on to, or even have sections removed. It is not a static thing and you don’t have to do everything at once. We have designed systems for many customers where we did the front yard and then when they finished doing what they wanted to do to the sides, we did those as well. When they finished the back yard we came back and added that on, too.

Your LED lighting system is not an all or nothing aspect of your home. It can be changed, added on to, and rearranged to suit the needs you have today. You aren’t stuck with what was useful yesterday. It can always be changed, enhanced, or reduced according to what you currently want to do with your yard. This is especially helpful in Florida where trees can unexpectedly have to be removed. Winds and storm damage can change your yard’s features in a matter of hours. Our low voltage LED lighting systems can be changed right along with it. You’re never stuck.


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