outdoor lighting fixtures

What if my dog goes to the bathroom on one of the lights? Will it hurt him or break the light?


I have to admit that sometimes the questions people ask catch me off guard. I am pretty sure there is nowhere in the documentation of any fixture that deals with this specific problem or I would have noticed it by now.

That being said, our low voltage LED systems are sealed systems. Rain doesn’t get in so neither would . . . other liquid sources. We actually install lights underwater off docks or within water features so the fixtures are very well sealed. You don’t have to worry about cracks either because we use brass and copper fixtures. Other metal types can be ravaged by the Florida climate and sea salt so they may form tiny cracks over time that can let in moisture. Even a tiny amount of moisture at a time can be bad because it builds up and the heat of the day vaporizes it and then the cool nights cause it to condense so that tiny amounts will, over time, add up to big drops. Not our fixtures though, they wear well even with the extremes of temperature and brutal sun of Florida.

So I guess the short answer is no; it shouldn’t hurt the dog or the light but you might want to discourage your dog from investigating anything electrical – not just our fixtures but any electrical device. I would just think it would be advisable to avoid anything like that scenario if at all possible.


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