herbs grown in landscaping

A lot of people think that to grow herbs you must create a specific and dedicated herb garden. While you can do it that way you can also add herbs right into your landscaping as it is without having to build anything new.

A lot of herbs like basil, oregano, thyme, sage, etc. are actually very attractive plants. Placing an herb here and there inside your garden can provide you with tasty fresh herbs for your cooking without having to create a dedicated herb garden.

Of course, you have to know which are the herbs . . . You don’t want to be picking random plants and adding them to a stew. That can be dangerous. But placing some herbs you use most allows you to grow tasty herbs right alongside the pretty flowers. You’ll want to avoid pesticides and some forms of fertilizers. Worm tea is the best to use and make sure you wash the herbs very well before you use them.

These herbs can grow and flourish for long times in your garden. There are little tricks like always trimming the basil so it never gets to a flowering point or it will die after that or pinching oregano leaves rather than cutting whole branches helps the plant grow large and healthy while allowing you to make amazing pizza sauce along the way. Once you get the herbs growing and flourishing, you have a nearly endless supply of your favorite culinary delights. Best of all, they will blend in and add to the beauty of your garden at the same time!

Container gardening doesn’t have to be about a special, dedicated area of growing. It can be putting small bits and pieces into an existing landscaping design to yield fresh, organic foods and herbs to you year round.

So spice up your landscaping and enjoy the flavors of Florida living.

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